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Using a Professional Marketing Company for Real Estate

If you are considering using a marketing company for real estate it could be a great decision.  There is a lot to know when it comes to getting a property in front of as many eyes as possible.  Some Realtors who have been in business think they don’t need to have social media or online presence but with the way today’s searches are going, they are wrong.  Even if you have the biggest following and are a ‘seasoned’ agent you are missing out on so much business by not using tools to bring a website or potential listings to life.

In this day and age, most buyers who are looking for homes or condominiums to buy as a second residence or a relocation property are beginning their searches on either a big website such as Trulia or they are using google to find a local agent who is keen enough to know to rank on page one.  It is hard to beat the big names and get your website on page one for a Realtor but totally worth it financially.

There are a few strategies that one could try to bring notice to sellers who are in the market to list their home for sale.  There is an online marketing company that knows the top ways to use Youtube and video to promote properties and landscaping that are appealing to buyers that intend to reel them in to want more information.  This is where hiring a professional to get this done is imperative.  Just like agents say don’t try to sell a home yourself.  Don’t try to market your listings all by yourself.

This particular company has helped high end real estate agents like this to rank videos at the top of YouTube, as well as in Google so when the keywords a property most fits are searched for, the listing that is appropriate pops up on the front page waiting to be viewed.  It becomes a win-win situation.  It works out for the seller, the real estate agent, and the buyer.  Here is an example of one of the agent’s videos below.



As you can see from the movie produced by a local photographer, you can target terms that surround this home like waterfront or key-west style and then when a buyer searches for those online or on YouTube, this house is one of the listings they see first.  Makes sense now, right?  I hope this has been a helpful post to show how using a technique for real estate marketing can be very important to the Realtor.…