Relocation Guide

Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico


Congratulations! If you’re moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico or its surrounding communities, you’ve found a great city to call home.

Friendly neighborhoods, great schools, beautiful parks and a myriad of cultural activities are just a few of the highlights you’ll find here. If you’re not familiar with the area, you may be surprised at exactly how much this city has in store for you.


<font=5>City History and Facts
For instance, did you know that New Mexico’s superb climate is part of the allure to this beautiful land. Few locales can claim the perfect combination of sun-drenched days, cools evenings, low humidity, clean air, and the bluest of Southwestern skies. In fact, before the Land of Enchantment became the state slogan, New Mexico was known as The Sunshine State. Every part of the state receives at least 70 percent sunshine on a year-round basis. Of course, with such a sprawling territory, the climate varies with the elevation and terrain. Snowfall ranges from less than 2 inches in the lower Rio Grande Valley to as much as 300 inches in the alpine regions.

The state’s exceptional natural resources and delightful weather patterns encourage outdoor activity and enjoyment throughout the four seasons. Winter beckons the adventurous to downhill ski at major resorts, snowboard, cross-country ski, sled, and snowmobile. The remainder of the year is ideal for exploring rugged roads and trails blazed by miners and loggers, backpacking, hunting, fishing, camping, ballooning and hang-gliding.


Those who appreciate culture will not be disappointed. Throughout New Mexico, the visual and performing arts flourish. Time-honored traditions and fresh creativity blend in a celebration of the past and present. The larger cities pulsate with world-class theatre, music, and dance. However, concert halls and magnificent venues are not the only places to search for cultural pearls.

As a real estate professional, George believes it is not only his duty, but a privilege to introduce people to Albuquerque and help them make the most of living here. He also knows that finding your new home is just one of the tasks that face you when you’re relocating. His goal is to coordinate everything as smoothly and efficiently as possible here, while you’re wrapping up the final details of packing up and moving out of your current home.


<font=5>George Russell’s Relocation Survival Guide for People Moving to Albuquerque
Designed for anyone considering a move to the area, is a great place to start. Here are just a few of the things he has made available to help you get your move off on the right foot:
  • A complete map of the Albuquerque area, including all streets, highways, public transportation, schools, parks, public areas, shopping centers and major landmarks.
  • A breakdown of local neighborhoods, including average prices and types of homes as well as the schools, parks and recreational areas found in each one.
  • Local hospitals and medical centers.
  • A breakdown of state, sales and property taxes as well as licenses.
  • A guide to popular restaurants, shops, attractions and entertainment around the city.
  • An insightful, step-by-step relocation checklist, including things you’ll need to do in your current home, things to take care of in Albuquerque before you get here, and the things you’ll need to take care of once you arrive.
  • Referral listing of George’s hand-selected and highly recommended team of local professionals, including loan officers, accountants, lawyers, decorators, remodeling and construction companies, financial planners, house cleaners, landscapers and more.
  • A complete listing of area utility companies, banks and other important services.
  • A current copy of the local newspaper, so you can read up on all the latest news in your new home town.
  • Send George a message now, and let him know what kind of information you would most like to have about Albuquerque. He’ll send a customized package designed just for you.


<font=5>Make Your Next Move Your Best Move
Of course there’s no obligation. George believes in making real estate and the relocation process as easy as possible for everyone involved. To him, that means providing information to anyone who wants to find out more about the city he loves so much and knows so well. So, click the “Submit” button below and order your copy today! You’ll be glad you did.