Real Estate Marketing Explained

Complete Guide to Real Estate Marketing


Real Estate Marketing is probably the most important duty of a real estate agent or broker.  Some would argue that prospecting is a lot more important, but I would personally object or challenge it.  You can devote considerable time to prospecting in a bad way.  Marketing Real Estate will make you efficient in your prospecting because you can actually do both at once if managed properly. To reach your goals, you need to pick a market and speak according to that niche’s demands, wants and desires.


Clever real estate marketing starts off with training.  Discovering the advantages and disadvantages of every type of marketing takes a long time.  You might have online real estate marketing and then you have something that is known as offline real estate marketing. Both play a vital role for your over-all real estate marketing strategy.


Making use of a technique that you are comfortable with and which is more in line with your personality is highly recommended, simply because when things become challenging you will most likely give it up. There is one popular phrase that perfectly fits in this scenario that is “slow and steady wins the race”, so whenever you implement your real estate marketing techniques and strategies you will realize that although your progress is slow initially, you will at some point reap the benefits for your time and efforts.


Identify Your Client Needs

Look at your services through your clients’ eye. Recognize the type of individual or group who wish to utilize the real estate expertise you possess. If you already have present clientele, then it will be easier for you to identify their habits and needs. You can use the existing base of clientele to gather additional information as to why they prefer working with you as real estate agent. You may find the information beneficial in prospecting your next customer.


Competitor Research and Analysis

Real estate is probably one of the best careers if you enjoy it, so you have to be ready to rank over your competitors and do what it takes to make people happy. You can even learn how to acquire a competitive edge over your rivals.  Determine the way your competition is bringing in their customers.  Review the data that your rivals talk about on their internet sites.  Pay attention to the design of their marketing materials, brochures, postcards, self-mailers, print ads as well as property descriptions. The kind of customers your competitor is getting enables you to identify the customers you can bring in, too.


Have a Website Created

If you have been using some other ways to promote your services for quite some time it’s high time that you gain your own website. You must move to a higher level by creating an IDX website where your customers can search for and save homes or condos that they like. Your present and potential prospects will enjoy it because this move shows that you are successful in your business and therefore are a top-notch agent in the area.  They can also get what they want faster and you can keep track of what they view over and over.


How to get targeted traffic or audience using online real estate marketing?

Promote your real estate property business in specialized online publications. If you wish to reach the crowd for a 2nd home marketplace, advertise on the internet sites that have listings for a second vacation home or even on second home Internet magazine.

It is important to understand how search engines operate for the real estate marketing niche.  What is the competition level and how difficult or easy each targeted keywords are? Use the keywords that are less competitive to achieve top rankings on Google or other search engines. Because most internet searches are performed initially through search engines with keywords make it easy for them to find your website. Utilizing search engines is actually a great way to reach your potential customers as your target audience will come to your website by way of search engines rather than you going to them.



Effective real estate marketing strategy is the foundation of any great real estate marketing system. And the real estate marketing system includes a list of particular actions required to efficiently put into action a particular real estate marketing approach.  From photos, videos, direct mail marketing and more you have a vast array of tools to reach clients and help them find a new piece of their own paradise.

Marketing For Real Estate

Using a Professional Marketing Company for Real Estate

If you are considering using a marketing company for real estate it could be a great decision.  There is a lot to know when it comes to getting a property in front of as many eyes as possible.  Some Realtors who have been in business think they don’t need to have social media or online presence but with the way today’s searches are going, they are wrong.  Even if you have the biggest following and are a ‘seasoned’ agent you are missing out on so much business by not using tools to bring a website or potential listings to life.

In this day and age, most buyers who are looking for homes or condominiums to buy as a second residence or a relocation property are beginning their searches on either a big website such as Trulia or they are using google to find a local agent who is keen enough to know to rank on page one.  It is hard to beat the big names and get your website on page one for a Realtor but totally worth it financially.

There are a few strategies that one could try to bring notice to sellers who are in the market to list their home for sale.  There is an online marketing company that knows the top ways to use Youtube and video to promote properties and landscaping that are appealing to buyers that intend to reel them in to want more information.  This is where hiring a professional to get this done is imperative.  Just like agents say don’t try to sell a home yourself.  Don’t try to market your listings all by yourself.

This particular company has helped high end real estate agents like this to rank videos at the top of YouTube, as well as in Google so when the keywords a property most fits are searched for, the listing that is appropriate pops up on the front page waiting to be viewed.  It becomes a win-win situation.  It works out for the seller, the real estate agent, and the buyer.  Here is an example of one of the agent’s videos below.



As you can see from the movie produced by a local photographer, you can target terms that surround this home like waterfront or key-west style and then when a buyer searches for those online or on YouTube, this house is one of the listings they see first.  Makes sense now, right?  I hope this has been a helpful post to show how using a technique for real estate marketing can be very important to the Realtor.…